beluga whale, Delphinapterus leucas - copyright Uko Gorter Uko Gorter, Natural History Illustration


Anatomy of Dolphins: Insights into Body Structure and Function

By Bruno Cozzi, Stefan Huggenberger, and Helmut Oelschläger

This book is a precise, detailed, fully illustrated, descriptive, and functionally oriented text on the anatomy and morphology of dolphins. It focuses on a number of delphinid species, with keynotes on important dolphin-like genera, such as the harbor porpoise. It also serves as a useful complement for expanding trends and emphases in molecular biology and genetics.

Uko Gorter is one of three illustrators who have contributed to this unique work.

Elsevier/Academic Press, October 2016
Hardcover, 456 p.
ISBN: 9780124072299

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