beluga whale, Delphinapterus leucas - copyright Uko Gorter Uko Gorter, Natural History Illustration


The following links are provided here as references for additional information on marine mammals, and links to some of my family, friends, and folks I admire.

Marine Mammal and Marine Education Related Sites

American Cetacean Society

American Cetacean Society/Puget Sound Chapter

Seattle Aquarium

Society for Marine Mammalogy

Uko’s Friends and other interesting links

Diane Allen, Artemis Computing (my web designer)

Aukje Gorter (my twin sister). Graphic Designer (site in Dutch).

Hans van den Bos (my brother in-law). Nature Photography (site in Dutch).

Cetacean Research Technology

Ed Wilhelm. Glass Art Studio, Arnhem, Netherlands.

Robin W. Baird’s Hawaiian Cetacean Research page

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